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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EST

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you can have and have had that to be on you're told it all ties man because anything at any time can happen to you and that you can have a heart not. you can have a heart but you better not show this sort of never letting yourself be weak never let yourself be famous someone with feelings emotions except for. brutal force. in the good old you will be tooken advantage to be targeted sharks and to see each work so our here in a concrete jungle you gotta be respected as a man. in most cases respect.
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is actually. feel caught the better respect me you better fear me. when i had a hard look at everything as homer i want to be in a right state of mind of you feeling good about a dress code in a representative for the month in one month. no want to dress like. that out of the world matinee is named wine in wanting the one in the morning then when this all we know man is looking good in the good of london let's go let's go into everything saloon good thing the one. i was on but to wait until guys were with me in san francisco to be interviewed i knocked on the door of their hotel isn't that kind of. and here are two of the most hardcore gang members and one of them has got his ironing board out and he's got his traveling irons arning is supposed. to look home and he just
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stores and rushes. fresh to make a prayer stand up in a corner with nobody in there i'm. not that. for somebody that has no idea. what you are what is the alerts i join the gang not only for the protection for the love and unity to be a part of the family. if you live in a ghetto and you're living in a bomb or where you're being assaulted like i was i just got tired of being
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a victim it's like either you're a victim or you can fix or. you can. wait until it is not like you can to get out of prison and went like this one thing teaching with the young and i was really good too and you know get chased out of school and get shot at all the time it might get i'm damned if i do damage. because it's not a good jump in this world and in fact i'm on fuel for my neighborhood my bathroom my neighborhood tamagotchi mom a hood told i don't look at it like ok and king is just. look let. me. ask why it is that the wood is proof they feed and they looking out for me put
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clothes on his back ok but now it's time get to squander get these niggas you dish out of my house which you know i don't. wish you don't get to let me just pinch you all much so how can you say no to this will kill is my business you feed me. told me when you first got. files got i was like to the trial was about to wail now i'm a first down i was thirteen years old you guys just go to school if you don't have one you got to be around somebody's got i carry two it bring up the far right i don't want to have another i got a back up. with a k forty seven on to the max here you got big girls you know twenty to thirty it's the test for me the sixteen ball is a lot come on now you've also violent down some. generation with the last four have the my generation there was gun play there was no such thing to fight the kids
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today came right in the gang will go. that's why so many murders. that's made a twelve year old thirteen year old king for a day i'm not gonna put you in a whole nother state. just to sound within itself says that to clear the law. you cleared up black people cause they went on car bombs go all the dalton. i mean you cleared the block standing twelve thirteen years old with a pistol small. stick in your back you walk all. over them for to use gun against another individual or human being but once you
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block the party your mind becomes very easy you go watch and they become the first time jittery you can just see the nervous system and you come back and look at the same person that's been a while with the live well you mean a soldier's ready to get. we have one with a lot of people right now but being who i am and it's been true i got a lot i love of being a real mother. and that is saved my life and many times nothing but at the same time is another generation that don't know me and feel like they can get a strike could they get rid of me. much or into me and whatever they do you counterattack they ride on the wall you drive a beat up somebody you've been out and shoot somebody you simply.
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want to bust we go over the issue like do we have forty of. the few but. not the mistake to really give a dog a dog. the will be killed they would use but. the army tell me that because the heart of gold must live with you until the film up there so that you got to make you feel when you feel in a sufficient funds would go over and over and over. and i. mean. making everything. back.
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even though i'm in a game i'm in. for a. good deal with the world or i ignore it i don't pay attention to it is really no room in this world. this man. was a lot man because i know that. the way to society intended it to be so a lot of times men are no more good individual but sometimes i got to put more. behind and become an animal.
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thank. god. well there's a man that out there in the. world war two eighty five ninety percent of the population this country lives in the south. was a lot of. black people would primarily live in the south because of slavery in the south was a rule of farm economy oh there's a. way about. world war two years in a series of transformations that the radically changing nature of black history in this country blacks for the first time are invited and now asked to work in america's arsenal for democracy building those tanks building those planes building
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those ships. nine hundred forty s. one thousand seventies you see over four million african-americans leave the south and ways that have never never occurred. and for new york head first caught go ahead for los angeles. for the first time they were integrated into the american worker economy they were earning enough to be lower middle class homeowners in l.a. and to establish if not exactly at very close similarity to the american dream. we speak your language of the wall and not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news
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a little turn to angles couldn't stories. you hear. that try to altie spanish find out more visit eye to eye. teeth. to news sigrid lumber tourny tim curry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and we're going to this is why you should care only on the dog.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all day. no way did not have the overt history with racism in one hand of the south there
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were no laws that said blacks had to ride on one part of the bus or no laws that blacks had to be in certain schools there were however extremely exclusive web of racially restrictive housing evidence that kept blacks in particular areas and out of other areas these covenants mandated the sale of real estate along racial lines in an effort to keep traditionally white neighborhoods free non desirable homeowners sometimes not desirable men latino sometimes not desirable men do sometimes not desirable men asian but it always meant black and so those racially restrictive covenants which didn't disappear into the late forty's early fifty's essentially kept blacks circumscribed in a very narrow portion of the l.a. county rich. white people were sort of forced to live on top of each other because it just wasn't possible to live where you chose even though you might have been able to afford it. in.
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south philly residents responded by transforming there are a lot of territory into a thriving cultural hub and central avenue developing into a sort of harlem west. west coast best jazz clubs dozens of black businesses lining the street people dressed in their sunday best on the weekends a period during which the most affluent and the poorest blacks live essentially side by side. and then with will more to spend. more time economy adapted itself to a lean automotive industry with major corporations like g.m. chrysler ford good you and firestone all establishing factories in south los angeles. and we're going to. factory you got the benefits you could my house you could buy a car you could raise a family you could live a working class or lower middle class life.
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it was a moment of unprecedented black prosperity in which the trajectory of black america was on the rise people were getting jobs were buying homes were buying cars sending their kids to colleges was a moment of real optimism. in the late one nine hundred fifty s. you begin to get the first. wave of what came to be called the industrialization. the american economy is changing we're moving from one of those really cami to an economy based on service based on information rooted in technology that is it's high skilled high wage high training on one very low skilled sweatshop labor another. class find that their skills don't fit into either those demands.
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they don't have the education or the skill or the training because of historic discrimination to work in aerospace. on the other hand they don't feel any desire or need to go into the low skilled service sector jobs like hotel cleaning like sweatshop work downtown l.a. because they don't perceive that as jobs that american citizens should have. and not talking about people who are in the rear we're talking about people with jobs if you have a job you are dependent on that job so when that factory closes you are in essence asked out. by the late sixty's you see those plants beginning to disappear when they disappear there is virtually nothing left in their wake. and so it leaves
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a gaping hole in the economy of the region. with consequences that are just enormous. generationally in america is supposed to be about the american dream people are supposed to move up as opposed to elevate. we're talking about a situation where actuality it whenever reverse the children over time began to do worse than their parents. in one nine hundred seventy five the los angeles times reporters into the streets to assist progress in the city's black communities ten years after the watts rebellion. the fearful lived behind protective bars and double locks high schools are graduating functional illiterates. some black people have got businesses some professionals have got into
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significant jobs but if you talk about the masses of that guy who was in trouble in one thousand and sixty five it is more difficult now. the black in the ghetto the gold survives. the finance. it. let me ask you the real question yes. this.
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was. about a big one all night knowledge. all not. all that. going to. make me. comfortable i mean you're. going to be going to. hurricane katrina that i have been to. a refugees and want to call that we displaced like most.
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of the a copper mine over the it might not be acceptable in britain with however some that occurs every two or three hours in my community. in the south central community basically which you have is in p.p.o. broken down businesses if you have any businesses. take a wall down but apart from fresh out of our money and you tell me the opportunities that are available low income housing five or six churches gang violence crack up the. introduction of crack cocaine onto the streets of l.a. in one nine hundred eighty one proved to be a major tipping point for an already vulnerable to. cocaine came a toy it broke up a lot of you know a lot of people just thought crack was the way out you know what i mean. think of what they keep you know what i'm saying that will broke a lot of homes up if that crack would never came party still have nice the homes and nice of the families you know but when i came there like tow everything before
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it would let me ask you when did you have a conventional child elna dysfunctional ass family in the south of us. to see out here is ninety three i would read a lot of that he. had to be a man i take care my mom is to my g. mosque fairly mellow but this is said by myself how do you advise a little brothers and sisters to do what you don't. look at me. i grew up in a home where my mother worked two jobs but had three people so you can imagine we were supervised so busy outside of the home. she was too busy making a living. then to love me. even though she tried and did the
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best that she could it was not a. lot of black youth in a neighborhood just not the opposite way so i went to gangs without fighting come out not on thing they had some hand getting your books then stayed on but if everybody had been a lot of things would have been different but that wasn't the case. the common thread throughout all of these conversations throughout our communities things to be. part of most part the absence of a father male figure father figure in the home. to come up in a home when there is no male influence. on them from. then
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everything is going to be out of whack the people that told me told me wrong coming out of the hall. it's about being tough he wants he's not be a man but his fight to me by somebody or goes to somebody does a way to tell me you've been a man. you have a soap culture of a young black man attending to the men back killing each other. about standing up in a brothel amana. but they're misguided . now days the fathers are the black men my age are either day and are in jail and one of the problems we have is . if they're going to try to arrest a problem that means they're putting all the black men in jail.
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in two thousand and three purel of justice report reveals that twenty eight percent african-american men more than one in four be jailed or sent to prison in the last . week of engaged in this country and an absolutely historically unprecedented experiment in the past in prison. we now have and imprisonment plate that is six to seven times higher than it has ever been before in our history it's been a little coming to take effect prison or stop anything in two thousand and seven four years governor announced plans to spend seven point four billion dollars to build forty thousand new prison. terminator. look at the population of the people in the penitentiary particularly from the one nine hundred eighty s. going forward. black men are disproportionately represented that's the new. you can't play. with niggers like the. kids.
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to. be in a sense. what this means is we are breaking even the possibility of there will be intact families with a mother and a father raising a child together. because we are sending the men off to prison with unprecedented rapes usually for nonviolent offenses that. would. get even with time served so many of those determined to start a new life find little freedom in their lives i go to get a job i'm working for xerox sent an application and they found out i was on parole and i lost my job i used to be jealous somehow i have going to work it. this is my
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wife own a stew a bomb he grew up with me bill me absolute kids and she would go out thousand go to work and i would be mad at her because she could go to work and i couldn't help. i'll be mad because she's paying the bills and i can bet you there's never no cycle to get us out of this it's just a cycle to get us back into so of course people are going to behave in ways that are anti-social if we don't let them behave in pro-social writers. well into the future this month high tech means good health whether it be the latest laser cutters or lifesaving heart valves crushing innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's
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. the book i. clapped the bit. of. blood to be soon which brightened. about someone from funniest impression it's. a. nice
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